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One of the most iconic sci-fi space ships from the well known show BATTLE STAR GALACTICA, Fan Art Models is presenting you our take on the Viper. Digitally created by Alain Rivard, FMA created the physical model. 

High-quality resin and PU materials are used for this model. Simple magnetized parts makes this model ready to display in a few minutes.

The model measures 15.5"x8"x7" and is standing on a heavy polystone base with acrylic sheet. The Base measures 17.5"x9.5" and the total weight is 16lbs.

Only a few left to order!

 $799.00 ($299 Non-Refundable-Deposit required)

We also will offer also an automatic 6-Month payment plan for

$133.17 per month.

  • Solid Polystone and PU Materials

  • Heavy solid Polystone Base with beveled Acrylic sheet

  • Base and ship measure: 17.5"x9.5"x10.5"

  • Ship only measure: 15.5"x8"x7"

  • Landing Gear switch outs / Covers to pose flying or landing

  • Heavy duty swivel joint

  • Hand painted with high quality paint

  • ES TBD

  • Shipping estimated in May/June 2024 from China (estimated $130-$180 max via sea)

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